Buick restoration

Buick PortfolioFor the past 2 decades, I have been involved with a couple Buick restoration projects, primarily to reupholster pre-war and 1950s Buick interiors to their original factory conditions, most recently a 1952 Buick Roadmaster from the 2009 film "Give 'Em Hell Malone".

I have earned much praise for my custom Buick upholstery skills.

Although the majority of my auto upholstery services still fall in the category of reupholstering European classic & exotic sports car interiors, with a specialty in Jaguar restoration, I still enjoy reupholstering classic American cars.

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1938 Buick Special 8 Cylinder

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April 2012: I restored the full interior of this black pre-war 1938 Buick Special. The customer wanted the original colors of light brown/tan with high-quality upholstery.

This 4-door sedan, with its suicide doors and 322-cubic-inch 120 horsepower V-8, is truly a rare find when you consider it's almost 75 years old! I love its long, swept-back lines, scalloped hubcaps, and distinctive grille.

My pictures show each stage before, during, and after the restoration process.

1952 Buick Roadmaster

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February 2013: Although my specialty is reupholstering vintage European cars, once in a while I will restore a classic American car, usually from the 1950s, like a gorgeous 1956 Ford Thunderbird.

My client, who chairs a Los Angeles based company that produces and distributes international co-productions of English language motion pictures, hired me to restore his classic 1952 Buick Roadmaster.

Thomas Jane in the 2009 film "Give 'Em Hell Malone" drove a 1952 Buick Roadmaster. My client asked me to mount a custom engraved copper plate that mentions this.

When this car underwent its exterior restoration and mechanical/electrical work offsite, I reupholstered its interior parts at my upholstery shop. My client chose custom pumpkin orange interior.

The client has asked me to mount new 245/60R14 tires by BF Goodrich and OUTLAW I machined silver wheels by American Racing.

I estimate the value of this fully restored 1952 Buick to be over $70,000 USD.